American musician Anthony Brown formed Blue Morning Tribute Band in 2017.  Hailing from Warren, Pennsylvania, he enlisted veteran musicians who lived nearby in Western Pennsylvania and in New York State’s Southern Tier.  Together, they crafted a solid set list of Foreigner’s greatest hits.  They also sprinkled a few select hit songs from Foreigner lead singer Lou Gramm’s solo career and groups like Led Zeppelin, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple and ELO to spice up the live show. 


Blue Morning Tribute Band stays true to the classic tunes we’ve come to love and adds just enough of a modern edge to the arrangements to create a huge sound that is sure to satisfy long-time Foreigner fans and new audiences alike.    

Anthony Brown – Keyboards, Vocals

Anthony is the founder of Blue Morning Tribute Band.  He is a songwriter and recording artist, as well as an award-winning music producer/engineer.  As the owner of Graphite Sound Studio, in Warren, PA, he has recorded and produced thousands of songs with hundreds of artists.  His music projects have been used in feature films (Red Eye), TV shows (Hallmark Channel Original Series “Jane Doe”) and radio ads (Kwik Fill), and he has produced songs that have reached the billboard charts.  He has written and produced dozens of albums of original music, including four albums with his band Graphite Symphony, prior to creating Blue Morning Tribute Band

Jim Cheronis, Lead Vocals

Jim lives in Warren, PA and he was awarded “Best Male Vocalist” at the Buffalo, NY Regional Music Awards while singing with the hard rock/alternative band Brandy Lies.  He also won Best Live Performance at the Chautauqua County (NY) Music Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony when he sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” with an all-star band lineup to a standing ovation.  He has performed with Graphite Symphony (Progressive Rock), the Charlie Wheeler Band (Rocking Blues) and 3 Generation Blues (Blues).  Jim has numerous recordings to his credit including 7 albums of original music, television appearances, radio ads, and special projects.  His recordings with Graphite Symphony and the Charlie Wheeler Band can be found and purchased on iTunes.       

Rich Alcorn – Lead Guitars, Vocals

Rich Alcorn hails from Warren, PA.  He is a guitar player, songwriter and vocalist who has worked both as a session musician and live on stage.  He has recorded hundreds of songs with numerous bands and solo artists.  His credits include playing with the original country band Jeff Lewis and Gotham Rose.  They’ve performed on stage with acts like Trace Adkins, George Jones and Toby Keith.  Recently, Alcorn, Lewis and fellow band mate Anthony Brown were invited to perform their country hit “Land of Dreams” on Governor Mike Huckabee’s television show “Huckabee Watch Live”.  Alcorn recorded four albums with the original progressive rock band Graphite Symphony before joining Blue Morning Tribute Band.  

Darrin Payne – Drums, Vocals

Darrin grew up in Jamestown, NY.  Influenced by his parents’ love for music and the performing arts, Payne took up formal percussion study including jazz, big band, drum corps and symphonic & musical theater percussion.  He is also classically trained on piano and is self-taught on guitar.  The live stage is Payne’s second home, as he has performed for over 30 years with bands such as Brandy Lies (Hard Rock/Alternative), Lareau (Adult Contemporary) and Two For Flinching (80’s Pop Rock).  As a songwriter, Payne has been involved in a number of original projects, such as Lareau’s co-writing the Warrior Records international release “Changes” which is available on Amazon Music.  Payne’s drum work can be heard on albums with Graphite Symphony (The 9th Cycle) and Charlie Wheeler Band (Highway Run), that are available on iTunes.           

Russ Brunco – Bass Guitars, Vocals

Russ comes to us from Falconer, NY.  Brunco brings a background of rock and gospel to the band.  In addition to his bass playing, he brings stratospheric backing vocals ala bassist Michael Anthony of Van Halen.   He performed throughout New York’s Southern Tier with Judgement Day, a Queensryche Tribute.  He has played numerous concerts with other area contemporary gospel musicians.  His motto is, “I’m just happy to be here!”